“I did the right thing” – Victor Radley breaks silence on alleged altercation with James Bentley

After England were dumped out of the Rugby League World Cup by Samoa, there was soon another story dominating the headlines and that was the reported brawl between NRL and England star Victor Radley and Leeds Rhinos and Ireland star James Bentley.

Neither man has been punished for their role in the matter in which allegedly one of them head butted the other.

Now though Radley has spoken about the incident revealing that his club coach Trent Robinson wasn’t angry with him.

“When it happened, I rang the people that I needed to and once I spoke to them I was good as gold,” Radley told The Daily Telegraph.

“He (Robinson) wasn’t angry or what not.

“Robbo is someone you can turn to, he’s good with his advice. His advice has always been you stick up for yourself, you stick up for your mates at the same time.

“It’s the same as him, and my parents, ever since I was young it has been, you stand up for yourself and you stand up for someone that needs you stand up for them.

“But he did want me to have a look at the situation and think about how I could avoid it, and I did that.

“And we spoke about how not to end up in that situation.”

Though Radley didn’t go into the exact details, he emphasised that he felt he did the right thing.

“I never want to get myself in those situations but sometimes you end up in a scrap and I need to make sure I am not in those situations. But I found myself in it,” Radley said.

“After I spoke to the people I needed after it happened, I felt comfortable.

“I know I’m a good person and did the right thing.

“But I have looked back and assessed it, I didn’t want it to get to that point but it happened but I moved on from it pretty quickly.”

Radley is gearing up for the NRL season whilst Bentley is nursing an injury which will see him miss tomorrow’s clash against Hull FC.

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