Hull star set for lengthy absence

Hull Kingston Rovers have revitalised their Middle 8 campaign and look set to secure a place in next season’s restructured Super League, but they will have to face the new season without one of their outstanding performers.

Victory over Halifax at the weekend came at a great cost for the Robins, with full-back Adam Quinlan hit with a devastating ACL injury, meaning a lengthy time on the sideline is assured.

The earliest possible return date, according to medical staff, is June next year but with his operation procedure so complex, that may well become over 12 months which would rule him out of the entire 2019 Super League season.

Hull KR’s head coach,Tim Sheens, commented:

“It’ll be a minimum of nine months – it may be the season. It’s a double problem for Adam.

“You have two ligaments, a PCL and an ACL. He had no PCL which he learned to play without for the past four years. Now the ACL has gone he has no ligaments at all. The knee is held together by the muscle structure in his leg.

“They’ll do both which is more serious. Of course he did it without any collision in open field, hopefully there’s no added damage. In collision, you get cartilige damage and knee damage too.

“Hopefully it’ll be a nice, clean repair to play in nine months. Worst-case scenario he won’t play next year and we’ll have to rejig ourselves for that.

“At his age, 25, we’re definitely looking at Quinny staying long-term and if that means doing it right for longer out then so be it. Look at Danny Addy, we’ve found other options without him and now we have to manufacture something at full-back.”

Hull KR remain committed to the long term future of the Australian full-back, but it is bitter pill to swallow for fans after such a dramatic season.