Hull KR boss Tony Smith wants expansion and ‘criteria’ for Super League promotion and relegation

Promotion and relegation in rugby league will always be a contentious issue.

Some are advocates of one up, one down whilst others want the return of licensing – like the NRL.

That would mean that teams would stay in Super League based on merit with tick boxes such as infrastructure, crowds and facilities instead of promotion and relegation during a season.

For Hull KR boss Tony Smith, he is in the camp of the latter.

“Definitely judging teams on merit, I would like expansion and clubs who are worthy to be in Super League to be there,” Smith said.

“Whether that is those that are currently there or others who are capable of fulfilling the minimum standards of what we expect Super League to be.

“I’ve never been against promotion and relegation, I’ve been against it based on a season’s performance.

“If a rugby club can run itself profitably and with the right infrastructure then they should be playing there in Super League.”

Smith is keen to see criteria enforced to ensure sides can stay in the top flight – and learn from the past.

“We should have criteria because licensing wasn’t allowed to work.

“When there were teams that weren’t fulfilling their commitments they were overlooked and not kicked out because they were hellbent on keeping expansion teams in the league with North Wales etc.

“I’m not against teams working their way up to Super League and if there are teams who are in Super League who can’t run their club properly then they shouldn’t be there.”

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