Hull FC star signing has spoken to physio and is adjusting to new type of turf

Tex Hoy could be one of the best signings of the 2023 Super League season as he joins Hull FC from Newcastle Knights set to replace Jake Connor at fullback and bring creativity and a flash of brilliance to Hull FC’s new look spine for 2023.

Hoy arrived in Hull this week and has started training with the club but took some time to talk to the club’s Twitter page about the move.

He explained how he had negotiated the long flight and had spoken to the physio about getting ready for more heavy lifting.

“I had a chat with the physio and went through my body and what can be improved. I’ve come off a plane flight and my muscles and joints were tight. He wants to ease me into training,” Hoy said.

“I thought I would come off the plane with a sore back. Some of my joints are a bit stiff. It’s probably not the best thing but better than what I thought.”

“I’ve been getting my skill up and learning all the plays as well as the boys with how they train and react. Hopefully I can get on the field for every session after that.”

He is also adjusting to a ne type of turf: “I’ve never trained on artificial turf before and there is whole different traction and a hardness to it.”

Either way he seems to be already enjoying his time at Hull.

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