Hull FC star Josh Griffin wants positional switch in 2023

Josh Griffin is gearing up for what could be a new dawn in his career in 2023.

It is a new era for his club Hull FC too but after some nasty injuries, it is a new beginning for Griffin especially as he prepares for a complete positional switch in 2023.

“I’ve sat down with Tony and I’ve let him know about my desire to play in the back-row this year,” he said to the club website.

“It’s something I’ve been working towards over the last couple of years now and for one reason or another, I’ve ended up playing back in the centres.

“But it’s a position I feel I can adapt to really well. For me, I’m using this pre-season to learn as much as I can about the position by training with the forwards.

“It’s a new challenge for me and one that I’m really looking forward to. Plus, we have a lot of centres at the club so it allows me to give Tony one less headache when it comes down to selection and help out in a position.”

He also joked about how different pre-season is now to back in day:

“Pre-season has changed over the years, in my opinion. When I was coming through as a kid, it was all about flogging every player. Whereas now, I think there’s a lot more sports science involved, so there’s a big emphasis on making sure we keep players fit and on the pitch, so hopefully that pays off for us this year.”

You can see the full interview here.

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