Hull FC make decision on Grade E charge given to Brad Fash for alleged bite on Hull KR man

Hull FC were rocked by the news that Brad Fash could sit out for a potential eight matches following an alleged bite in the Hull derby.

Fash was said to have bitten the finger of Hull KR’s Elliot Minchella as the latter completed a tackle on the former.

And, Hull boss Brett Hodgson trusts Fash’s judgement on the incident.

“Brad Fash is good, he’s adamant he didn’t bite him and we trust his word on that,” Hodgson confirmed in his pre-match interview with Sky Sports.

“We will fight that decision.”

Brad Fash also had his say on the decision.

“We are going to fight it and we will see what happens. I’m sure it will go just fine,” Fash said on Sky Sports after Hull’s win over Warrington.

Minchella posted an official complaint against Fash for biting to referee James Child.

Child didn’t see it, but took the report on board with the disciplinary taking a good look at it

Hull KR boss Tony Smith had his say after the Hull derby game.

“I haven’t even inquired yet. I’m too joyous and I didn’t want to get to any negatives just yet,” Smith told Hull Live.

“That will be in the aftermath and a little bit tomorrow as well. I didn’t even ask him so apologies I haven’t got that settled yet.”

Brett Hodgson then had his own say on the issue, stating: “I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why the referee called the touch judge in so I’ll have to wait and see what happened there I’m afraid.”

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