Hull FC legend lays into Jake Connor as he reveals his reported Super League wage

It’s fair to say that Hull FC legend Paul Cooke does not hold back in his opinions.

And, this week the former playmaker laid into Black and Whites star Jake Connor for his performance in the dismal loss to Hull KR at the weekend.

FC went down 36-4 against bitter rivals Rovers and Cooke was asked his opinion on Connor’s best position during a phone-in on BBC Radio Humberside.

That, in turn, led to Cooke wanting more from Connor – a man that is reportedly on over six figures according to Cooke.

“Jake Connor is a really interesting one. First and foremost he was awful at the weekend from the moment he missed his first goal kick,” Cooke said on BBC Radio Humberside.

“Then he’s made an error and thrown the ball into touch, but you cannot afford to be a big player and big earner, reportedly on over six figures a year and dishing up that rubbish. He is so easy to get into his head and they (Hull KR) had a field day at the weekend.”

Cooke also revealed what he believes needs to happen with Connor and a new head coach.

“Rovers had done them up like a kipper, I think someone needs to grab a hold of him and sometimes you have to massage that ego or give him a kick up the backside so it is always difficult.

“If I was going in there and he didn’t do as I was told he would be the first out the door because it would set a precedent. I don’t know if he can be changed or not changed because I don’t know him well enough.

“Everybody needs to be on the same page at that club.”

It’s fair to say that Brett Hodgson struggled to do just that in his short two-year tenure at the MKM Stadium, but the new man will be hoping to instil a culture that can help the Black and Whites get better results in 2023.

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Steve Kerry
Steve Kerry
24 days ago

So youre not allowed a bad day because you earn “decent’ wages…lets put it in perspective…3 figures could be 2 grand a week..hardly millionaire bracket