Hull FC injury update

Hull FC have already been dealing with some injuries at the start of the season.

Last night it looked like Liam Sutcliffe might be adding to their woes as well as Jordan Lane who went off with a head injury.

After the game, Tony Smith gave an update on the two:

“We’ve got a couple of bruises and bumps. There won’t be too many assessments, I took Sutcliffe off because he was struggling with something, it looked like just a knock. Jordan Lane with his head, I don’t know if he has done his test yet.

“He’s unlikely to feature next week considering the circumstances.”

He also gave an update on the players who missed the trip to Headingley.

It seems the likes of Ligi Sao and Andre Savelio could return next week.

He said:

“Andre is not far off, but he probably needs to get some more training under his belt. Carlos won’t be this week, Mitch won’t be far away.

“Ligi maybe. It’s been a bad one, his dead leg has been a bad one, he is running now, it took a long time to bleed and the bruising has come out.

“He is back at it, hopefully fingers crossed with the extra time next week, he will be alright.”

Smith did confirm that there will be changes in the line up next week.

He said:

“We will make adjustments next week. I can almost guarantee it won’t be the same starting line up and bench next week.

“We will keep rotating them, we will keep them on their toes.

“Sometimes it will be injuries, sometimes it is keeping people fresh, sometimes it is getting people into form.

“There will be all different reasons, the coach will lose some games because of the team that he picks.

“Sorry out there to the supporters but that’s just how it’s going to be. We will put out a team that we think can be winners but it won’t always be a team that we picked.”

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