Hull FC 18-46 Castleford Tigers: Highlights, player ratings and talking points

Hull FC took on Castleford Tigers at the MKM Stadium tonight as Lee Radford went up against his old side on his former patch for the first time.

It was a highly-controversial first-half with Castleford rushing into an 8-0 lead before Hull FC hit back with three tries to lead 18-8 after Derrell Olpherts and Connor Wynne were sent to the sinbin for a scuffle.

However, one of those Hull efforts – Darnell McIntosh – looked like a no try as referee Chris Kendall sent it upstairs to Liam Moore. Moore found there was sufficient evidence to overturn the no try decision despite it being incredibly tough to see any grass between the ball and the dead-ball line.

Olpherts replied for the Tigers before the break as Hull led 18-14 at half-time.

It was all Castleford in the second-half, though, despite having Jake Mamo in the sinbin for dissent, the Tigers scored three tries to lead 30-18.

Two more followed as Olpherts made it four and the Tigers made it 42-18. And, Alex Sutcliffe was able to run 60 metres from another interception to round off the scoring at 46-18.

George Lawler was sinbinned on the hooter.


Castleford’s first try was a thing of beauty as Greg Eden was fed by a Kenny Edwards offload. Eden then kicked on for Derrell Olpherts to pounce in the corner.

Darnell McIntosh still probably couldn’t believe he was awarded a try for his acrobatic effort, but it was truly special.

Danny Houghton running in from 40 metres with a weaving run from a tap.

Bureta Faraimo running 95 metres with a brilliant interception.

Talking points

1. Try or no try?

Darnell McIntosh’s superb effort was eventually awarded a try by video referee Liam Moore despite there being little evidence to overturn Chris Kendall’s no try decision on the field. McIntosh apparently was able to get the ball down from a Jake Connor kick before it hit the dead-ball line, but it was seriously controversial.

2. Tippy tap terror

Danny Houghton ran away for Hull’s third try under the posts from 40 metres out. It was a quick tap that Chris Kendall allowed to happen, but how many times do you see that brought back because the referee wasn’t ready? It should be allowed to happen more, all we ask for his consistency.

3. Funny momentum

At one point in the first-half, it looked like Hull would run away with things at 18-8 before Castleford hit back with 38 unanswered points to lead 46-18 in the second-half.

4. Olpherts incredible

Derrell Olpherts has had his fair share of critics in 2022, but what a game he had tonight. The winger scored four tries and was brilliant bringing the ball out of defence – as he so often is.

5. Hull implosion/Castleford fantastic

Just what went wrong for Hull? They were winning 18-8 at half-time but ill-discipline and some horrendous errors made them completely fall apart and just implode as Castleford scored 38 points in the second-half. The Tigers, however, were incredible in attack and muscled up in defence in the second-half.

Player ratings

Hull FC

36 Jack Walker – 7
5 Darnell McIntosh – 8
23 Connor Wynne – 3
25 Mitieli Vulikijapani – 6
37 Josh Simm – 6
1 Jake Connor – 5
7 Luke Gale – 6
8 Ligi Sao – 1
9 Danny Houghton – 8
16 Kane Evans – 6
13 Jordan Lane – 6
14 Joe Lovodua – 7
17 Brad Fash – 6
20 Jack Brown – 5
21 Jordan Johnstone – 5
30 Scott Taylor – 5
38 Ellis Longstaff – 5

Castleford Tigers

23 Greg Eden – 9
5 Bureta Faraimo – 9
17 Mahe Fonua – 8
21 Alex Sutcliffe – 8
2 Derrell Olpherts – 10
31 Gareth O’Brien – 4
7 Danny Richardson – 9
15 George Griffin – 7
9 Paul McShane – 9
10 George Lawler – 7
11 Kenny Edwards – 8
37 Alex Mellor – 7
13 Joe Westerman – 7
4 Jake Mamo – 5
12 Adam Milner – 6
22 Daniel Smith – 7
25 Suaia Matagi – 7

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