Hull chairman blasts the standards of his side

Outspoken Hull FC chairman Adam Pearson has blasted the standards of his side following yet another disappointing Super League season.

Hopes were high going into the 2021 season following the capture of new head coach Brett Hodgson as well as the likes of Josh Reynolds on the playing roster.

And, that optimism grew as the Airlie Birds didn’t lose in their opening five games of 2021.

However, with just one victory in their last nine games, Hull FC have earned the wrath of their supporters who believe they should be fighting amongst the top play-off spots.

Pearson, in his programme notes ahead of FC’s 10-0 loss to Wigan Warriors last weekend, thought the same.

“Excuses or not, the fact remains we have not performed to the standards we expect at this club or to a level at which this squad should be performing over the second half of the season, and it will be addressed,” Pearson wrote.

“We share your disappointment and frustration in equal measure, if not even more so. There are a lot of people here that invest a huge amount of time, dedication, passion and emotion into this club, often at the detriment of their families and lives away from Hull FC.

“And it is for that reason that you can be reassured that you have our full commitment to making noticeable improvements for next season.

“A thorough review of our performance activity is underway this season, as it is at the end of every season, but we are already aware of our strengths and weaknesses and out energy and focus is on improving in those key areas, which will include some changes to the playing squad.”

It remains to be seen what changes Pearson and Hodgson make going into 2022, but certainly an improvement is needed if silverware is to be obtained.

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