Huge Super League clash set for amazing crowd

There are some huge rivalries such as Wigan Warriors who are rivals with Leeds Rhinos, St Helens and of course Leigh Leopards.

The Warriors are gunning for the League Leaders’ Shield whilst Leigh are also set to finish in the top four.

This has brought a new dynamic to their rivalry especially with Leigh dethroning their rivals as Challenge Cup winners.

For the third time this year they are set for a third Battle of the Borough.

As they prepare for the battle, Leigh have reached a sell out crowd.

This comes as the Leopards struggle with injuries as Adrian Lam said:

“Yeah, we’ll probably name him in the squad there. The situation hasn’t changed much from last week, you know, we’re going to give him every part to be right for this week. If he plays, he plays. If not, we’ll just get on with it and move on with it.

“We’ve been quite fortunate this year with minimal injuries but Zak Hardaker gets a scan tomorrow that we’ve got to just make sure we see how that sits.

“Frankie Halton’s in the same position as Asiata, so it’s another one where we don’t have a full squad leading into the game, but regardless of what happens, whoever comes in to fill in those spots for those boys will do the job.

“He’s had a hamstring strain as well, so him and Asiata got the hamstring strain and Zak Hardaker has got the hand.

“Yeah, very similar squad to last week apart from that there’s some doubt over Asiata with a hamstring strain. There’s some doubt over Frankie Halton with a hamstring strain and also over Zak Hardaker with the broken hand.

“I think the rest of the squad is the same as last week. So, not too much to change.

“Well we’ve got a scan on Zak’s hand to see at what level it’s at, from that we can make a decision moving forward. It could be for the rest of the season yet, we’re not sure about that.

“But we’re going to give him every opportunity. He can probably play with it but whether it’s a risk to that for the future for him then we’ve got to make a tough decision on that probably once we get the skin sorted.”