Huge opportunity for Super League clubs to attract NRL talent as nearly half become available tomorrow

Tomorrow is November 1st, All Saints Day and the day after Halloween.

But in the NRL that date has a far greater significance as it is the day players entering into the last year of their current deals can be approached by other clubs.

This year, more than any other year, November 1st is set to be a big and busy day with nearly half of the NRL available to other clubs with the Daily Telegraph reporting that 40% of players can be poached by rival clubs with the likes of Mitchell Moses, Brian To’o, Latrell Mitchell, Damien Cook and even England international Victor Radley who has shone throughout the Rugby League World Cup.

This opens up a big opportunity for Super League clubs.

Now it’s not likely that big names such as Latrell Mitchell could be tempted to Super League at this stage of their careers, though Victor Radley may very well fancy a taste of Super League after enjoying the World Cup in England so much with his dad even getting the chance to watch him in his home town in Sheffield last week.

However, in all the change over that is set to happen down under with so many players set to be negotiating deals and so much uncertainty as clubs try to balance their books and negotiate their salary caps with a lot of players no doubt expecting increases salaries, opportunities will open up for Super League clubs to attract high profile talent especially players who want a settled future and don’t want to sit around waiting for clubs to settle their caps before they can sign on.

So, it is very likely that Super League clubs will be monitoring what happens down under over the next few days and perhaps the merry-go-round set to take place in Australia could very well see some NRL stars make the move to Super League.

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