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Hudgell criticises Koukash and Salford

Hudgell criticises Koukash

Hull Kingston Rovers chairman Neil Hudgell has blasted the RFL, Salford and Marwan Koukash following the results of the Million Pound Game investigation

Hudgell criticised the severity of the punishment on his club after they were fined £25,000 (£20,000 suspended) in comparison to Salford who were fined just £10,000 (£7,500 suspended).

In a statement released this afternoon, Hudgell said:

“We accepted the RFL adjudication for two reasons, the first being for expediency’s sake as we preferred the matter be put to bed. Secondly, for accountability, as there were failings in the match day operations and a minority let us and the vast majority of supporters down with their appalling behaviour. We are still seeking some of those people out to issue appropriate banning orders.

“What I didn’t know at the time of accepting the adjudication was that we would be more harshly dealt with than Salford. I do not seek a fall out with that club but I’m here to defend my club and its very many loyal and passionate supporters.

“I cannot understand why we have been more harshly treated given the following matters:

– Salford had a very recent finding of crowd misconduct and 12 other related incidents recorded against them.

– Salford gave media statements overstating the level of their support by more than two-fold, this meaning the unnecessary deployment of stewards to the south end of the stadium.

– Salford fans entered the field of play first.

– Salford’s owner aggravated the situation with his unsporting actions post-game.

“In summary, I accept our culpability and we will continue to work hard to rid the club of the minority who bring shame on it, but I fail to follow the basis on which the sanction has been set by an administrator against that of the other offending club. It’s another nonsensical day for me in the operating practices of the RFL’s disciplinary machinery.”

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