Huddersfield Giants’ Will Pryce explains “life long ambition” to play in “full package” competition

Will Pryce will not be at the Huddersfield Giants in 2024.

Yes, he will be a Giant in the 2023 season but it will be his last prior to a move to the NRL.

Though the destination of his move has yet to be confirmed, he seems set to join the Newcastle Knights in 2024 following the likes of Dom Young and Bailey Hodgson to the club.

Speaking after the news, the fullback / halfback revealed it was a lifelong ambition to play in the NRL stating that the NRL is “the full package.”

He said as much to the Daily Telegraph revealing how experiences with his dad watching the NRL helped form his ambition.

“To be honest with you it has probably been one of my lifelong ambitions really,” Pryce said.

“I have always watched the NRL since I was 11 or 12. Me and my dad would get up early in the morning in the UK to watch any big game, the Origin matches.

“It is the occasion, it is the big games, the calibre of players, the coaching you can get over there,. It is the full package really.

“I want to test myself and prove myself against the best.”

Before he gets that chance he will play out one last season at the Giants, a third since debuting in 2021.

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