Huddersfield Giants face uncertain change of plan on John Smith’s Stadium takeover

Huddersfield Giants could face reported uncertainty over the John Smith’s Stadium.

That is down to the fact that Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle is now reconsidering plans to take ‘effective control’ of the stadium put on the table by former chairman Phil Hodgkinson.

The John Smith’s Stadium is currently run through Kirklees Stadium Development Limited (KSDL), which is jointly operated by Huddersfield Town, Kirklees Council and Huddersfield Giants.

That being said, the rugby league side would have had to loan over £10 million to the football club for repair and maintenance work.


However, Hodgkinson has since resigned from the club’s board of directors following financial problems with his other businesses, as 25% owner and former chairman Hoyle – who is currently trying to buy back the remaining 75% of Town – taking over the day-to-day running of the club.

Currently interim chief executive, Hoyle was present at the  All Together Town meeting alongside club and fan groups including Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association (HTSA) and Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters’ Club.

Hoyle ‘cautioned that the previously reported proposal had not been in the best interests of the club’. The minutes add: “The club is, however, engaged in negotiations with Kirklees Council (KMC) and the Huddersfield Giants to find a long-term solution that balances the interests of all shareholders. One of the most pressing matters is to ensure that capital expenditure requirements for the next five years are met,“ Examiner Live reported.

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