Huddersfield Giants boss Ian Watson addresses Catalans Dragons boss Steve McNamara’s ‘disrespectful’ claims

There has been a bit of infighting this week in Super League.

Following an IMG meeting last week, Catalans Dragons boss Steve McNamara had this to say: “There is talk this week of Huddersfield saying French teams give nothing to the game in talks with IMG and that French teams should not be in the Super League competition, which is an absolute disgrace.

“What the Catalans have brought to this competition in 16, 17 seasons is on a par with what some of those clubs have brought in 100 years. It’s a terrible attitude towards our game and one aspect of the disrespect their club has shown us over a number of times recently, their opinion and attitude towards expansion and French teams in the competition.

“I hope IMG gets hold of this and look at it from a really broad perspective and do what is right for this game so that we aren’t an M62 corridor game in a 100 years’ time or that there isn’t a game, and don’t listen to small-minded people that have their own self-interest at heart.”

However, Huddersfield Giants boss Ian Watson has hit back, refuting claims that the Giants are in any way disrespectful – though he was keen to distance himself from the issue.

“I don’t know too much about, I don’t get involved in things like that,” Watson said.

“He labelled the club disrespectful, but Huddersfield isn’t disrespectful in any way, from the way it’s run from top to bottom it is always about being respectful.

“I didn’t look too much into it, for me it’s not a concern if they want to speak about us or what happened at the IMG meeting.”

Global sports management company, IMG, have entered into a 12-year agreement with the RFL to “re-imagine” the game following the long-term stagnation of the sport with many more meetings on the horizon.

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Roland Orzabal
Roland Orzabal
10 days ago

Stop being a feckwit Watto! Catalans are 10 times the club the Giants dream to be….

Last edited 10 days ago by Roland Orzabal