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Rugby League World Cup

How the Rugby League World Cup will be officiated as two NRL rules used and decision made on Six Agains using Super League approach

Rugby League is a funny old game and one of the few sports in the world where its two major competitions have differing rule sets.

There are a number of rules that are policed differently in the NRL and in Super League and the IRL have had to make decisions on how these rules will be policed in the Rugby League World Cup which starts on Saturday as England face Samoa at Newcastle United’s St James’ Park.

Two NRL rules which will be utilised in the tournament are the captain’s challenge and the 18th man.

The 18th man rule allows teams to call upon an 18th player outside their confirmed 17 should they lose three players to concussions or head injuries.

However, when players suffer concussion the Super League protocols will take effect with players given 11 mandatory days to recover opposed to the seven in the NRL.

Meanwhile, the captain’s challenge will also follow NRL rules with teams permitted one unsuccessful challenge per game.

One NRL rule which will not feature in the World Cup is the two-point drop goal for efforts outside the 40-metre line. These long range efforts, as is the case in Super League, will only equate to just one point.

Equally, the NRL’s approach to Six Agains will not feature in the tournament. In the NRL, ruck infringements inside your the 40 metre line are awarded as penalties to punish teams for using holding down cynically in that area of the pitch to slow things down.

Instead in the tournament Super League’s approach will be utilised meaning set restarts will be awarded for any infringements anywhere on the field.

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