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“How does this protect referees from being abused in the future?” – how social media reacted to John Bateman’s dissent ban getting overturned

John Bateman had previously been banned for one match for using “foul and abusive language” in the direction of the referee in Wigan’s 26-2 loss to St Helens last Friday night. 

However, Wigan appealed and went to an independent hearing last night where they were successful in getting the ban overturned.

As such, Bateman is now free to play for the Warriors against Leeds Rhinos tonight. But, just how did social media react to the news?

Someone believed the overturning of the ban meant that the referee lied.

One rugby league fan questioned how this would help referees in the future.

One fan called for more consistency.

A Wigan fan, however, was pleased with the news.

Another supporter couldn’t understand how the decision could go from guilty to not guilty.

One supporter noticed that the referee in question, Chris Kendall, does not have a main Super League this weekend.

One Wigan fan, however, believed it was the right decision.

Another supporter couldn’t understand why the accuser has then not been punished.

One Twitter user called the whole exchange “embarrassing”.

Another person called for an explanation.

A Wigan fan was certainly happy with the news.

One Wigan fan had to explain the appeal decision to another.

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