“How can that be an eight point try?” – fans slam “ridiculous call” on social media

Last night there were more than a few big decisions that went against Salford Red Devils.

Paul Rowley’s side led 20-6 at halftime and despite a Matty Ashton try just after the break still held a 20-10 lead when Marc Sneyd had a shot at goal to make it a 12 point lead which he surprisingly missed.

Then Ryan Brierley was sin binned and in his absence Warrington Wolves scored three times.

One of these three tries, in fact the one that gave them the lead, was an eight point try as Tyler Dupree was penalised during the act of scoring.

This was crucial as it gave Stefan Ratchford two shots at goal to make it 22-20 and be missed the first.

Later the Wolves scored another eight point try after Kallum Watkins caught Matt Dufty high accidentally as he scored.

So some bold decisions against Salford, how did social media react to them?

Some fans believed that it set a dangerous precedent about what constitutes an eight point try and that it showed the unfair difference between a TV game and one without a video ref.

Others felt it was a fair decision but again that it would lead to lots of eight point tries.

The point that without the  video referee the decision would never be made leading fans to call for the big change of having video refs at every game or none.

That said some fans were perplexed by the decision itself.

One fan slammed it as a “ridiculous call.”

Some were concerned that this would be the latest RFL “fad.”

This point was taken to the extreme by one fan in quite a smart observation.

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