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Historic sportswear brand release new trainer named after Super League side

It’s not often that rugby league attire can be deemed fashionable, in fact it almost never has been, however since the inception of Leigh Leopards there’s been a wave of wannabe fashionistas donning styling the leopard print to show their support for Adrian Lam’s side.

During Leigh games this season we’ve seen owner Derek Beaumont wear some extravagant outfits, not least his iconic leopard-print suit jackets, whilst some fans have even taken to dying the design into their hair.

The bucket hat has also become very popular among the Leigh fans emblazoned in the leopard print style however fans will now have the chance to don a new pair of leopard-print trainers, specifically made with Leigh in minds.

Club shirt manufacturers Patrick have taken to social media outlet X, formerly Twitter, to show off the newest and freshest design that is coming off the line at their factories and it’s a Leigh Leopards special, ‘coming soon’ apparently.

Patrick were launched way back in 1892 making them among the world’s oldest and most iconic sportswear brands, something that Leigh owner Derek Beaumont took great pride in announcing when confirming the brand as the Leopards’ newest manufacturer.

When confirming the move from Ellgren to Patrick, Beaumont’s statement read: “I think it’s important that the club keeps on pushing its boundaries and increasing its commercial opportunities as it strives to grow both on and off the field.

“Patrick is a brand I remember from when I was a child as what we termed ‘proper rugby boots’ were always Patrick and up to your ankle. I remember specifically a pair with the two stripes in yellow but for some reason I never got those.”

Beaumont even noted that he and the players, namely Josh Charnley, had been involved with the design process, stating: “I have already enjoyed working with their design team, as I know has Josh Charnley and other members of the club.

“I am sure our fans will be happy with the quality of garments as well as the design and we hope to play a big part in elevating the brand awareness of Patrick, not just in the world of Rugby League but in sports apparel in general, which we will work hard to do throughout the partnership.”

Patrick have now unveiled the newest item yet in their Leopards ‘range’ as it were, a stylish new trainer that features the club’s iconic leopard-print design.

They took to X to show off the newest item that is available to purchase for Leigh fans, or for sportswear fans in general, teasing that the shoe is ‘coming soon’ meaning it could be the perfect Christmas gift for a Leigh fan near you.

Leopards owner Derek Beaumont shared the clip with the caption: “These look awesome,” indicating he’ll likely be among the first to buy a pair.

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