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“He’s been on the roof the last 10 days” – Super League agent reveals how former Man of Steel will transition

Whilst the Championship and League One continue to develop it’s still the case the the majority of sides are part-time with most players working outside of rugby, and this will be the case for newest recruit Luke Gale who is reportedly set to return to working with his brothers, per his agent.

Gale has joined Keighley Cougars who have just been promoted to the Championship having dominated League One doing unbeaten as they secured promotion.

Despite being the division’s new boys they’ve made their mark in the off-season with the addition of some elite talent, Luke Gale being the most recent addition.

Gales agent, Craig Harrison of Show Me The Money, has now spoken about how Gale will adjust to the demands of the Championship and referenced Gale’s experiences and expectations on the agency’s Youtube channel.

“Luke has been on the roof for the last 10 days and I think he’s done that lovely transition of being involved in a full time environment since you’ve been 17 or 18 in Luke’s case at London. To be fair to Luke before he came to Doncaster he worked with his Dad in block paving then he came and played part-time so lately Luke has said ‘you know what I’ll go work for my brother Ben’ and he went on the roof and he’s had a brilliant time.

“We’ve spoke and he’s said ‘I’ve actually got back to normality’ having come out of that environment of everything being done for you, to having to get up at seven in the morning and be on the roof all day and get home at six but he’s loved it so that’s made the process of moving part-time 100 percent easier because he’s accepted then that he could still do this job with his brother and it meant getting the right club.”

Whilst Gale might find it easier to transition by working with his brother it’s still a huge shift to working in and around elite facilities and on pristine pitches to going into halftime after a mud bath game on a poorly conditioned pitch and heading into a cold changing room.

Harrison was keen to note that he didn’t believe Gale would be phased by this though.

“Galey’s family are rough lads, they’re not going to be bothered. He won’t be scared going to these away grounds with people giving him stick, he won’t be bothered by any of them. His family are deep in amateur rugby and he’s left and changed his life but he’s still got that bit of street in him. This isn’t a kid who’s going to think ‘oh no I won’t go play at Batley or head to Cumbria’, no he’ll take everything they throw at him.”

Fans will have a first opportunity to see Gale when Keighley make their first appearance in pre-season against Newcastle Thunder as they head north on 14th January.

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