Health Secretary responds to Rob Burrow calling for the “stupid government” to release funds promising an announcement in the coming “days”

For a long time now Leeds Rhinos legends Kevin Sinfield and Rob Burrow have been putting pressure on the government to release the £50 million they promised to held the scientific fight against motor neurone disease with which Rob was diagnosed with in December 2019.

These claims were compounded when Doddie Weir passed away after a six year battle with MND after helping inspire Rob in his battle against the illness.

After this Burrow took to Twitter to say: “How many more warriors must die until this stupid government released the £50m they promised.”

Now though Steve Barclay who is the Health Secretary has responded to this doubling down on his stance that the quality o the bids was not there but that he is expecting to make an announcement in the coming days.

“Yes, and it is a massive priority after what Rob has done and what Kevin has done, Doddie Weir and Ed Slater the former Gloucester and Leicester player, it is something I have taken a huge personal interest in,” he said on BBC Breakfast.

“The frustration is, we have the funds but there was a concern amongst our scientific community in terms of that they felt that some of the bids were not what we needed from a scientific point of view.

“But I am expecting to be able to announce something very very shortly and be able to address Rob’s concerns.

“Days not weeks.”

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