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Head of Kick it Out responds to Ralph Rimmer’s comments about Fijian squad

Unfortunately, in the wake of a brilliant Grand Final between St Helens and Leeds, on the eve of an intriguing Million Pound Game between Leigh and Batley whilst we all look ahead to the World Cup, a controversial story is dominating rugby league.

This comes as people, especially fans, mount pressure on Ralph Rimmer to resign from his post with the RFL.

The pressure stems from comments Rimmer made about the Fiji squad who arrived in the UK ahead of the Rugby League World Cup this week.

Following this, Rimmer spoke at the Championship and League 1 awards live on the OurLeague app. Speaking about the excitement ahead of the World Cup and after what he believed was a successful year for the sport as a whole, he made some controversial remarks about the Fiji squad.

He said: “Fiji have already arrived. We don’t think anybody has been arrested yet, do we?

“No, we’re alright, so we’re going pretty well then.”

Since then, Rimmer has offered an apology saying he instantly regretted the remark. However, this has done little to stem the tide and now the head of Kick it Out, an organisation in football designed to stamp out racism and promote inclusivity, has had his say.

Responding to a very informative break down of the incident from Andrew Foster on Twitter, head of Kick it Out, Troy Townsend said:

“When you believe you are untouchable you basically can say what you want, when you want, how you want, in-front of who you want?

“I always wonder, what is said behind the scenes if someone is brazen enough to talk in this way publicly.”

Serious About Rugby League has approached the RFL for comment about the situation but have not received a response as of yet.

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