“He is an experienced professional and should know better” – how social media reacted to Luke Gale’s ban

It’s almost certainly been one of the most-talked about news items of the recent past, with Luke Gale’s two-match ban for contact with the referee coming as a surprise for many rugby league fans. But, just how did social media react?

One supporter professed that any contact with the referee is wrong and should be punished.

That sentiment was echoed by another fan.

Two supporters compared rugby league to football.

Another highlighted Gale’s past indiscretions of a similar nature.

However, there were some very strong opinions that dismissed the ban.

One fan believed Chris Kendall should not have put himself in the middle.

Another supporter believed it was just a laugh between Gale and George Williams.

Another highlighted the disparity between this and a ban incurred for a “dangerous throw”.

Former referee Richard Silverwood waded into the debate.

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