Hastings hits back at Twitter haters after NRL link

Jackson Hastings has taken to Twitter after receiving a heavy social media backlash to an interview he did with Fox League on Wednesday.

The reigning Man of Steel reiterated his intentions to return to the NRL in the TV chat, leading to many angry responses from supporters who believed it showed a lack of loyalty to Wigan.

Hastings signed for the Warriors ahead of this season, with his two-year contract including a well-publicised NRL get-out clause.

While highlighting the clause in the live interview, the 24-year-old said: “If the opportunity does arise and it’s the right club I will definitely take it I think. It’s definitely something I want to do, the NRL is the pinnacle.”

This ignited a social media storm which caused the former Salford half-back to issue a firm response to his critics.

“A lot of uneducated & abusive tweets being sent to me,” said Hastings. “Listen to the whole interview not the 40 seconds you’re fixated on.

“Whose to say my family won’t move over & I play my career out here. Jog on, Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe and healthy!”

Hastings’ full nine-minute interview on Fox League, where he talks about Super League, the coronavirus and more, can be watched below.

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