Greg Inglis urges NRL players to make Super League move

Rugby league great Greg Inglis has called for more of the NRL’s younger players to test themselves in Super League.

‘GI’ had a brief stint in the UK with Warrington in 2021 but returned home early after the veteran NRL legend suffered a number of injury setbacks.

Speaking on James Graham’s podcast, Inglis has talked up Super League and has urged more young NRL players struggling for a contract to make the move across the world.

“This is what I come back and tell the players now, if you can’t get an NRL contract in the early ages do what Jackson Hastings did and go over to Super League,” said Inglis.

“I think more players should go over there for a few years and come back. Look at Jackson, look at what he did, and then he came back to the NRL a better player.”

Former Great Britain legend Stuart Fielden claimed earlier this week that Super League has become nothing more than a final pay day for NRL players – with the UK competition rarely attracting overseas players under 30.

Inglis himself came over at 34, but he now believes, having experienced playing in Super League, that young players in Australia’s premier competition shouldn’t be afraid to leave the NRL’s system.

“I think more should leave the system in the NRL, go to Super League to play, and learn your skill and improve the your game. It made Jackson Hastings a better player.

“Don’t go over when you are 34 like me. Don’t go over as a centre like me because you’ll probably end up at fullback,” Ingles joked.

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