Greg Inglis opens up on his time in Super League at the Warrington Wolves

Rugby league legend Greg Inglis has opened up on his stint at Warrington.

Inglis, who is one of the game’s all-time greats, came out of retirement to join the Wolves prior to the 2021 season after 18 months out of the sport.

However, his time in the UK was cut short when a hamstring injury suffered in Round 7 saw him eventually released from his contract midway through the season.

“Before I signed over there it was in lockdown, I was just sitting down at home having a good chat with one of my best mates Jason Clark,” Inglis told James Graham on The Bye Round Podcast.

“I mentioned it to him (about signing for Warrington) and he rung me back the next night asking me if I was serious.

“I said, yeah I’ll come over and have one more go with you, and that’s how it all came about.”

Speaking about his experiences once he got to the UK, Inglis admitted that the weather was something that he struggled to acclimatise to.

“Coming out of retirement at 32 and then doing a pre-season in the cold open air. I left here (Australia) and it was 26 degrees, and when I landed it was minus 4 or something.

“Going over there and doing that at 34 in the cold, with the early mornings. It was certainly different.

“It was a good insight and I actually loved it. It was totally different to what I expected it to be. I enjoyed it and just to see another side of the world.”

Despite the injury problems that cut short his time with the Wolves, Inglis says he doesn’t regret making the move and having a taste of Super League.

“I did both hamstrings while I was over there and I had never had a hamstring injury before,” Inglis added. “They signed me as a centre and then second game in I was playing fullback.

“I knew moving over there I was only going to be there for a short period, for that season.

“It was really good fun, like the blokes were great. Stefan Ratchford, for example, is an unbelievable bloke. I did enjoy it.

“Me and the wife talk about it now and we would absolutely do it again. I have no regrets, it was a great experience.”

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