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Great Britain legend says Steve Ganson showed infamous red card without seeing the incident

Adrian Morley is one of the best players Britain has produced in the summer era.

However, sadly, he is synonymous with one moment and that is his infamous red card after 12 seconds for Great Britain against Australia during his time when he was playing for the Syndey Roosters.

He reflected on the moment on the Out of your League podcast.

“It was heart-breaking, just the magnitude of the game and what it meant,” he said.

He then went on to suggest that referee Steve Ganson never saw the incident:

“I knew there was contact but I don’t think Steve Ganson had seen the actual incident. It all happened so quick and I think he got a message saying it was a bad one and he’s got to go.

“If he’d have just put it on report I thought that would have been a fairer outcome but having a look at it now it was a bad challenge and it was worthy of a send off, but I just thought with it being the first minute of the game he could have put it on report.

“If it had been an Aussie do you think Ganson would have send an Aussie off? I don’t think he would have.”

He also provided some heartbreaking insight into what it was like walking down the tunnel:

Walking down the tunnel: “I couldn’t believe it. Having been so exited and fired up for the game, I thought we had a great chance of beating them and we were beating them for 70 to 75 minutes until they pipped us at the end.

“I just felt that’s it. I’ve let them all down. I remember getting to the changing rooms and I don’t mind admitting it I was in tears, I was a mess.

“I just thought that if we could hang on for the win then it wouldn’t feel half as bad but they got us at the end.”

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