George Williams reveals who Warrington’s greatest Super League challengers are and how Super League can catch the NRL

George Williams is one of a few that has experienced Super League first and then the NRL.

But, having been a big hit in the year and a half in which he plied his trade Down Under, Williams knows what it takes for Super League to catch up with the NRL in a marketing aspect – and he can’t wait to play once again this year.

“The players that have come from the NRL shows the strength of this competition,” Williams said.

“I’m more excited than ever about Super League because the game has got everything it needs.

“I hope the Super League can get to that level media wise, we’ve just go to deliver on the pitch.

“They (the NRL) are getting bigger and bigger every year, they’ve got four or five tv deals which is probably the difference, but we’re branching out now going to Channel 4 and hopefully rugby league will be as big in England as in Australia.”

The Warrington Wolves halfback believes the current television deals are exactly what the sport needs more of.

“It’s really exciting, reaching out to different channels to try and get a different audience, the game needs that at the moment.

“The actual game is brilliant and when people watch it they do love it, it’s just trying to reach out to different audiences.”

For Williams, playing with Warrington has been superb so far, with new head coach Daryl Powell coming across as ‘brilliant.’

“Everyone involved with the club from the owners to the coaching staff have been brilliant.

“They are a good group of lads and I feel involved and that we’re building something good.

“Everyone has bought into his (Powell’s) philosophies, it takes some getting used to as I’d only just got used to the calls we had to make last year!

“He’s massive on video and every session we do we analyse and see what we are doing wrong.

“He’s given me a few little detail things and it simply might be passing off a different foot – I’m looking on them and he’s been brilliant with us all. he watches.”

The Wolves’ main challengers to finally winning a Grand Final are St Helens, who have won three in a row – something which Williams lauded.

“Credit to them, it’s really hard to do what they’ve done, but we won’t be clapping them for too long, we want to knock them off their perch like a lot of the teams.

“But, Catalans came close last year and Leeds have recruited really well.”

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