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“George Williams has said he is unable to play and train as he’s in a bad place and this d***head is giving him s*** on social media and papers” – how social media reacted to the news that George Williams will be going home

It’s been one of the most talked about news items that’s come out in recent months, with George Williams returning to the UK with a number of clubs vying for his signature. But, just how has social media reacted?

One Twitter user believes the idea that Leeds are in for the halfback is ridiculous.

Brian Carney believes that Williams will not join Wigan or Warrington in 2021.

One Twitter user believes Williams joining Wigan in 2021 would add to an incredible team.

One Wakefield fan couldn’t believe the news that his side are in for Williams.

One Warrington fan seems so keen to get Williams that he would ship out one of their current stars.

A Leigh fan practically begged owner Derek Beaumont to bring Williams to the Sports Village.

Another angle which people found frustrating was the idea that Fox Sports journalists were attacking Williams for his claim of homesickness.

The disgust amongst many in the rugby league fraternity was shared.

Another supporter was quick to point out that he would believe Williams over Fox Sports’ James Hooper.

That sentiment was echoed by another.

Another Twitter user didn’t exactly hold back either.

However, one user did seem to be baffled by the whole affair.

Another called on Canberra to release the events as they happened.

One Twitter user did, however, find the whole saga rather underwhelming.

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