Geordie Shore star calls on RFL to change laws

There’s been weird occurrences in 2021 so far, but one of the most bizarre has to be the promotion that Geordie Shore star Scotty T has given rugby league.

The reality TV man was seen promoting the Hull derby weeks ago and now he has called on the RFL to change the on-field decision-making of a referee.

Scotty T tweeted: “Hi @TheRFL

“Please sack off the rule going up as a try or no try, and just let the video ref decide. Also – bring the captains challenge across from Aus too.

“Works a treat.

“Kind Regards Turbo D*ck”

It seems not only is Scotty T a fan of the captain’s challenge that has enabled NRL sides to contest any decision made by the referee in a certain amount of time, he also wants the video referee to have sole responsibility for making a judgement on a potential try or no try.

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