Gelling appreciates Widnes experience

New Warrington Wolves centre Anthony Gelling has said his time at Widnes was a character-building experience.

Gelling signed for Warrington ahead of the 2020 season, after one season at their Cheshire rivals Widnes.

Widnes’ season was plagued with off-the-pitch worries. The club went into administration and were docked 12 points.

The Cook Islander said: “Looking back, it was very frustrating, very stressful. But I look back and it was very character building. I learned a lot about people and about adversity. There were a lot of lessons to take away from it.”

Gelling arrived at Widnes after spending a year in the NRL with New Zealand Warriors. This was off the back of a very successful spell at Wigan Warriors.

When asked about the differences between these and Widnes, he said: “It was just different. The clubs I had been at Wigan, New Zealand Warriors, were very well funded, very popular clubs. When I went to Widnes at the time, you kind of saw the dark side of rugby league.”

Players at the Vikings often helped out with fundraising efforts, as well as their usual training and matches. As a result of their recent difficulties, the club have had to go part-time.

The two-time Super League winner said he saw another side to rugby league. He added: “Yeah I gained a bit of perspective on it.

“You see what the game means to people. People who still support a club like that, in its shadows, its darkest hour and you see what it means to people and what the game can do.”

Gelling could make his Super League return at old club Wigan on 30th January.

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