Gary Hetherington provides fascinating insight into crucial Rohan Smith appointment

Leeds Rhinos take on local rivals Castleford Tigers who are looking for a new coach.

The Rhinos were in this spot when they last went to the Jungle over Easter.

Now CEO Gary Hetherington has spoken on this matter including how he decided to appoint Rohan Smith last season.

Speaking on the Rhinos’ YouTube channel, Hetherington said:

“There will be loads of people giving advice and commenting on Castleford but you need to be inside the club to really understand what it is that you require.

“Anybody in business or management will tell you that recruitment is one of the most difficult jobs and getting it right, our policy with our players and staff is to develop our own but occasionally we have to go out and bring someone into your organisation and there is no bigger role than that of a Head Coach.

“Our recruitment last year was not just a coach but someone who could be part of a journey to effect change and development and someone who could influence other parts of our rugby operations and Rohan Smith has delivered everything we could have hoped for because the rugby department is so much more than the first team and the Head Coach needs to be involved in it all and have good people skills so actually selecting the right one for the right place.

“Sometimes you get it right sometimes you don’t but Rohan will go in the right box.”

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