Gary Hetherington names area IMG should consider in their Super League criteria

Last week IMG produced their grading criteria for clubs aspiring to be in Super League.

This is affect every club of course and many CEOs and Chairmen have had their say on them including Leeds Rhinos’ Gary Hetherington.

Speaking on the Rhinos’ YouTube channel, Hetherington is confident that the Rhinos will score highly under the criteria:

“For Leeds as a club I think we should score pretty well on all those sections. There are some missing and some missing elements that are incorporated in the five areas.

“The big one for me is connectivity with the local community, player development, producing the next generation of professional players – not only for our own club but for the game.

“I think that is key area for the game and what clubs should be graded and rewarded on for those clubs that do invest in those areas.

“We aren’t the finished article as yet but I think what we have seen so far has been supported by all and is very comprehensive.”

Hetherington did outline something that he feels needs to be considered by the grades:

“I think all clubs that want to progress need a solid ESG (Environmental, social and governance) policy, we are at Leeds Rhinos are at the forefront of this and it’s going to be a critical part of our business going forward.

“Connecting with the community and whole green agenda is a pivotal part of any business and not least sporting businesses like our own and we need to be at the forefront of that.

“Should that be part of the grading process as well? Well perhaps it should and perhaps that will be captured in one of those five categories.”

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12 days ago

St Helens used to have 9 Under 16’s RL Clubs, until St Helens RLFC choose to start their own Under 16’s team, the best players of course went to Saints, and in no time, the town was left with just 3 Under 16’s teams. No wonder, Rugby Union are much stronger! If what the IMG are suggesting is left to some RFL Chairmen, we will end up going backwards. Just like the announcement today of the replacement for Ralph Rimmer, is from within??