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Garry Schofield considers his rugby league future following Twitter storm

After his tweet about the Women’s Super League Grand Final caused outrage on Friday night, Garry Schofield is considering stepping away from rugby league.

The former Great Britain captain received heavy criticism after claiming an under 11’s team could produce better quality than what was on show in the women’s final.

It wasn’t just supporters who reacted angrily to the 54-year-old’s tweet, with ex-players Jamie Peacock and Ashton Sims labelling Schofield’s words “disgraceful” and “dribble”.

After issuing an apology on the social media platform shortly afterwards, Schofield has used his League Express column to express his disappointment at the reaction to the tweet.

“It’s left me questioning my continued links with rugby league, a sport that has been a huge part of my life since I started playing at the age of eight,” said Schofield.

“Perhaps I went a bit over the top in the way I worded my tweet about the quality of the first half between Leeds and Castleford.

“But I stand by the sentiment, that the quality wasn’t what you’d want in a Grand Final, and wasn’t as good as the quality I have seen in women’s matches previously.

“That would have been the case whether it was a men’s or women’s match, and I’m sure women wouldn’t want to be treated any differently to men when it comes to making an honest comment about a match.

“But some of the reaction I have had has been totally ridiculous and disrespectful, and as I say, has left me seriously questioning whether I want to have anything more to do with rugby league.”

Schofield, winner of the 1990 Golden Boot award and a member of the British Rugby League Hall of Fame, has worked in the media since stepping down as Barrow head coach in 2011.

Read more in today’s League Express.

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