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Fozzard apologises for causing injury during his playing days as he continues lawsuit stance

Recently it was confirmed that a number of players had joined the lawsuit against the RFL.

Among them was former St Helens, Leeds Rhinos and Hull KR prop Nick Fozzard.

There was naturally a lot of controversy about this decision and Fozzard took to social media to explain it.

“I’m involved in this case to provide for my kids & fiancée when I’m no longer here – I hope you can all relate to that,” he said.

“I’m also involved to help bring about better medical procedures and care for players after injury.”

Following this, Fozzard was hit with a bit of a backlash given the way he used to play.

He would then further explain his decision:

“I feel very lucky to have had the life I’ve had in rugby league I don’t feel bitter I’d do it all again in a heartbeat Just wish I’d have known at the start of my career the facts that were withheld from me so I could have taken out insurance against what was coming.

“Maybe only a crazy person would do it all again in a heartbeat knowing what can be one of you Or maybe just a person with a severe brain injury or a person that has both.”

Now Fozzard has responded to one commenter who claimed he played against him at academy level and had his nose broken by Fozzard who led with his elbow.

He claimed that it was “a bit rich” of Fozzard to now take this stance.

“I remember playing against you at academy level, Leeds v Oldham and you run over me with a leading elbow and smashed my nose, gave as good as you took,bit rich coming from a dirty player now crying for the money,” said the commenter.

Fozzard responded with:

“Sorry about the nose! I’m sure it would have been an accident I had my nose broken 10 times. Amazingly, every one of those was an accident as well.”

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