Former Wigan Warriors star jailed

Former Wigan Warriors star Brett Dallas is back in jail after being found guilty of stealing a $50 hoodie.

The Courier Mail has reported that the ex-State of Origin winger laughed over the video link that was established in jail, commenting that it was “hilarious” that stealing a jumper had seen him sent back to prison.

Dallas had only just been given parole in late April following a number of guilty charges for aggravated ice possessing and stealing, whilst the ex-flyer had pleaded guilty to stealing back in March 2019 too.

“It’s a $50 jumper,” Dallas laughed during the trial.

“Yeah, it really wasn’t worth it,” Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan retaliated.

Dallas responded, “It’s hilarious.”

“Well, it is because you’ve gone back to jail for 26 days,” Mrs Hartigan said.

“The starting point is if you offend on parole you go to jail and you get a parole eligibility date.

“He thinks it’s hilarious that he’s stolen a jumper and it’s put him back into custody.”

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