Former Wigan Warriors halfback in shock revelation about drug and alcohol battle

Former Wigan Warriors and NRL star Brett Finch has revealed his drug and alcohol battle in a series of honest interviews.

Finch, who made 60 appearances for Wigan in 2011 and 2012 as well as 270 for an array of NRL sides, told the Turn Up The Talk podcast about how he lost his girlfriend and was stood down from two jobs at his lowest point.

The ex-halfback cited mental health issues as the reason why he left Channel Nine after working as a commentator and panellist on the NRL Footy Show in 2016.

“Rock bottom was when I’d been stood down from Channel Nine, just to get healthy,” he said on the podcast.

“[I] pretend to wake up, put my radio shirt on because I was working for 2GB Continuous Call at the time… I’ve already called Ray [Hadley] to tell him I was sick.

“Get in the car, go straight to me dealer’s house.

“My missus is from Melbourne, she’s not going to be listening to the radio, you know.

“I’m thinking, Finchy, you magnificent bastard, you’ve come up with a great.. you know, I’m just going to go get on it all day.”

Finch may have thought he had got away with it, but his mother heard he was sick and then his girlfriend found out.

“Elli knew exactly where I’d gone,” the 40-year-old continued.

“She said “I’m out, I’m going.” Packs her bags and goes back to Melbourne.

“I get home, now I’m stood down from both jobs, and I go to my account and I’ve got minus $10. Eighteen months earlier, I had hundreds and thousands.

“And my first thought is, where can I pick up, ‘where can I get another one from?’

“It’s taken everything from me but my thought is, I still want another one.

“It’s ridiculous, I’ve just lost everything.”

The former mercurial talent revealed how happy he was that he was able to get through it, the Daily Mail has revealed.

“I could have given up many times, I’m so glad I didn’t.

“People didn’t give up on me.”

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