Former Warrington Wolves man involved in mad Grand Final mix up

One of the game’s greatest ever players has been involved in a mad Grand Final mix up.

That is of course former Warrington Wolves man Andrew Johns who nearly guided the Wolves to a first ever Grand Final in 2005 in his short stint there.

He won the 1997 decider alongside his brother Matty and subsequently were presented with their Grand Final jerseys framed.

However, the two brothers have recently discovered that the two were awarded with each other’s jerseys.

According to Matty speaking to the Daily Telegraph, as they were cleaning the house they discovered the truth.

“We couldn’t believe it when we opened the frame up,” Matty said.

“Someone’s just f***ed up and given me his.

“He’s probably got mine.

“Even the blood’s still there. I think it was from when Tooves (Geoff Toovey) got hit in the head.

“It’s worth more than mine so I might put it on eBay and see what I can get for it. Seriously, it’s one of the most famous jerseys in Grand Final history.

“He played with the punctured lung — all that stuff.

“He’s since become the eighth Immortal. It would have to be worth a few bob.”

Matty hasn’t even told Joey of his discovery.

“We only took it out last week.

“Let him read about it.

“Maybe I’ll reframe it and just tell the boys it’s actually uncle Joey’s jersey.”

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