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Former Super League star calls for big video referee change

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the video referee role in Super League.

Now former Super League star Kevin Brown has weighed in on the debate saying that either the video referee needs to be present at every game or not at all.

He said on BBC 5 Live: “The problem we’ve got is that the video referee is only at one game and you don’t want it being so good at one game and then not having that ability at another. If we’re going to do it, we need to do it proper.”

This came as former Super League official James Child suggested that rugby league adopted the same approach as rugby union:

“I like the process that happens in rugby union where it’s very transparent. The referee has a conversation with the video referee, he looks at the screen and they talk through any mitigating circumstances and they arrive at an outcome.

“It’s almost a little bit like a checklist. You can argue whether things are right or wrong but in terms of the process it’s a very transparent process.

“For me I think having a transparent process helps people understand whereas at the moment it’s a little bit cloak and dagger, as you can’t hear the video referees communication to the officials.”

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