Former Super League referee taking further legal action against the NRL

Tim Alouani-Roby formerly refereed in Super League and in the Rugby League World Cup in 2013 as one of the best young referees around.

He was then sponsored to make the move over to Australia by the NRL in 2015 and officiated in Australia from 2015-2020 acting as a touch judge and assistant referee in a local league.

He then contracted an illness in Veitnam on holiday in 2017 having not taken to the Rugby League World Cup in 2017.

He struggled physically and following his return this didn’t stop.

Thus, when he was let go in 2020 he began taking legal action against the NRL, former general manager of elite officiating Bernard Sutton and head of elite football operations Graham Annesley in the Fair Work Commission.

He was called too soft and it was suggested that his British accent wasn’t helping either.

The referee’s legal action didn’t have the result he wanted as in November 2021, FWC deputy president Bryce Cross found the NRL had not fired the referee as the end result of its victimisation against him, but had simply decided not to extend his contract after it expired.

An appeal was later dismissed and Cross’ verdict was upheld but according to Channel 7 and Perth Now in Australia, the former Super League referee is set for a third attempt at legal action against the NRL claiming he was victimised over union membership and over-exerting him despite illness-induced fatigue.

he now works for the Sydney Roosters as a specialist coach.

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