Former Super League forward claims Magic Weekend will move to this stadium

The future of the Magic Weekend is up in the air.

Even though 63,000 showed up in Newcastle at St James’ Park for the 2023 event, it is not guaranteed a place in the rugby league calendar from 2024 and beyond.

This is because the Challenge Cup Final is set to move which would require the Magic Weekend to also shift to a period when it will be harder to secure a venue due to the football season.

Thus, former Salford Red Devils man Luke Adamson has claimed that the concept will move to its original home Cardiff:

“I think what they’ll end up doing is moving it to Cardiff,” Adamson said on BBC Radio Manchester.

“Being a rugby stadium it’s available around the time of August, it’s got that city feel which is outstanding for the fans as they’re not travelling to the ground from far away.

“I think the thing that they’ll probably add to the season is a pre-season nines comp as they’ve done in Australia.

“I think they’ll vamp it up a little bit and get people excited for the season by bringing that pre-season nines comp, I think that’s the only way you could fit it into the season really.”