Former politician calls for resignations after World Cup debacle

A lot has been made about the news that France can no longer host the Rugby League World Cup.

Now Australian commentator and former politician Jason Costigan has had his say and called for the President of French Rugby League Luc Lacoste to resign.

“He should do the most honourable thing and resign from office,” Costigan said to Treize Mondial.

“The credibility of French rugby league has been reduced to smoke because of this disaster. It’s extremely embarrassing for our sport… not only for FFR XIII and the people involved in France2025.”

He also backed Australia to host the tournament instead:

“I think Australia will co-host with New Zealand. Personally, I think the final should take place at Eden Park. It was held there in 1988 and deserves to be there again in 2025. I am also advocating for a few matches to be played in the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.”

Lastly he also added his overall thoughts on international rugby league:

“I don’t think we’re running out of “space”, but many countries are struggling to raise the funds to play international matches during the IRL period, which is October and November every year. Some of these countries are developed economies, but they are not moving forward. Recently we saw England host the France, but who else played that weekend?”

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