Former NRL halfback Lachlan Lewis could have his eyes set on Super League

Released Canterbury Bulldogs halfback Lachlan Lewis could well be looking for a move to Super League.

That’s according to the Daily Telegraph which has posed the question of whether Lewis will attempt to resurrect his professional rugby league career either at home or abroad in England in the Super League following his release.

Lewis was let go by the Bulldogs in September 2021 after trying to sell an NRL-sound speaker on eBay, but that will be the furthest thing from his mind at present considering that one of his videos on TikTok attrated 46 million views, with another three million views on Instagram.

“Even when I’m busy she’s so happy to be with me … stop growing up so quickly Big Hal. #mybabby #daddysgirls #family #bestie,” Lewis wrote on the caption of the Instagram version of the post.

Lewis and his partner Stephanie have experienced an explosion in popularity recently with the couple amassing more than 650,000 followers on the social media platform.

A curated list of the couples ‘favourite’ videos on TikTok also possesses a staggering 66 million views.

Lewis made his NRL debut for the Bulldogs in 2018 and quickly became a fans’ favourite but fell out of favour with each passing year to the point at which he was in and out of the side.

After playing nine games in his debut season, Lewis went on to play only 34 matches in the following three years at the club.

But, could a move to Super League kickstart his career at just 25 years of age?

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