Former Leeds skipper reveals continued struggle of normal life after horrific side effects

Stevie Ward will be forever remembered amongst the stands at Headingley for his influence in Leeds’ dominance in the 2010s.

A real tough nut, the forward did, however, retire due to a number of serious concussions and side effects.

Ward has since broadcast his journey on a number of outlets, including ITV, in an attempt to highlight the effects of head injuries whilst playing sport.

For a two-time Grand Final and Challenge Cup winner, life away from the sport hasn’t been easy, but he is attempting to help others through his own journey by keeping people posted of the troubles he continues to face.

But, one of the main side effects of the troubling concussions has been the devastating migraines Ward has faced.

And, he posted an emotional tweet stating that he is “just so tired” of the debilitating effects sustained on the rugby league field.

Ward did receive a considerable amount of support after detailing these effects.

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