Former Leeds forward comes out in support of disgraced star as others pressure for his sacking

Teammates of disgraced Canterbury Bulldog star Adam Elliott have apparently turned on him in a bid to see the forward heavily disciplined or even sacked after his latest misdemeanour

Elliott’s kiss with Millie Boyle – an NRLW player – in the toilet of a restaurant led to the pair being escorted out of the building, but the Bulldogs are reportedly asking his fellow players about the incident and get their feelings on the matter, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Though players have been publicly supporting Elliott, behind the scenes the same cannot be said, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

One player that has come out in support of Elliott is ex-Leeds Rhinos forward Ava Seamanufagai, who is currently plying his trade with Canterbury Down Under.

“He (Elliott) is an asset to the club – he just has a few things to work on, that’s all,” said Seumanufagai.

“Apart from his off-field stuff, he does bring a lot to this squad.

“He hasn’t said too much. He’s been stood down so hasn’t been around training. I know the boys have been getting around him and trying to cheer him up. That’s about as much as you can do, really. He is one of the players the boys look up to.”

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