Former Hull KR star unhappy with “messy negotiations” which could impact the future of NRL

Josh Hodgson is unhappy with the current contract negotiations with the NRL as the 2023 salary budget is still undecided.

The collective bargaining agreement has yet to be signed off with clubs unable to confirm deals with incoming players on their contracts.

Hodgson himself is on his way to a new club in 2023 with the dummy half signing for Parramatta Eels but is aware of the problems it is causing for clubs and players.

Now on the board of directors for the Players Union, Hodgson expressed his frustrations with the current state of the negotiations to The Canberra Times.

“If the game takes a hit, we take it too, and take the upside as well but it gives players a real buy-in to the game,” Hodgson said.  “Right now, it’s messy. There was so much time wasted on us figuring out how much the NRL had gone above forecast.

“If we got that even revenue share decided, then as soon as the money comes in, it’s worked out straight away, a clear percentage goes to the RLPA, and to the NRL.”

Similar situations have taken place in American sports which have led to season lockouts, although unlikely in the NRL, The RLPA is reportedly growing frustrated with the delays.

“From the RLPA’s perspective we’re just really disappointed that we’re this far into the year, it’s nearly November and we’re still not even firmly in full negotiations,” Hodgson explained to The Canberra Times. “We were informed it was going to be prioritised as soon as the season finished.

“It’s a five-year agreement that takes a lot of going over.

“We’ve got the season just about to be under way, new contracts for a lot of players, and NRLW teams are starting up now with new teams as well – so there’s a lot going on.”

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