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Former Hull KR man’s comments defended as controversy continues

RLPA (Players Association) chair Deidre Anderson has hit back at claims that former Hull KR star Clint Newton and president of the RLPA has been scaremongering following the NRL’s new salary cap.

Many believed that the confirmation of a new salary cap would end the hostility in the CBA negotiations and all but settle the future of the sport down under and its players after a civil war threatened to erupt during the Rugby League World Cup.

But the NRL confirmed the salary cap increase without talking to the RLPA leading to Newton’s concerns and now Anderson has defended the former Hull KR man.

“It’s a negotiation about people and that’s probably the sticking point,” Anderson said according to Zero Tackle.

“V’Landys is looking at it from a dollar value. I disagree with the way he’s interpreted some of Clint Newton’s comments.”

He also advised players to be very careful over the deals they sign. He said: “Our advice (to players) would be to ask, ‘where’s the detail?’

“None of the CBA detail has been presented from the NRL. All we have is the salary cap amount.

“A young player is going to get very excited when he sees a few zeroes.

“If he gets injured part-way through, the money that should have been applied to support him medically may not be there and he could be left out on his own.”

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