Former Hull FC star Josh Reynolds stars new career with hilarious name

Former Hull FC halfback Josh Reynolds recently retired from professional rugby league after a return to Canterbury Bulldogs in 2023.

Now retired, Reynolds has started his own business with his mother. Reynolds shared information about this on his Instagram page revealing that his new business is hiring.

It is a cleaning company and it his hilariously called “The Grubmother” and Reynolds said: “Hey everyone, we are hiring. If anyone is keen to jump on board direct message me for more detail.”

The halfback joined Hull FC in 2021. He was exceptional at first but absences took their toll.

On the back of that he returned to the NRL to try and find his enjoyment in rugby again and there was only one place to go, that being the club where he debuted in 2011, Canterbury Bulldogs.

The return wasn’t straight forward though as he signed on at Canterbury to a train-and-trial deal earning $1,000-a-week in stark contrast to the money he reportedly earned in Super League.

He would eventually earn a place in the top 30 and play seven NRL games for the Bulldogs but he is reportedly struggling with staying fit and now the halfback has given up his top 30 spot so the Bulldogs can sign Toby Sexton from Gold Coast Titans.

Having left the top 30, he has now announced the shock news that he will retire.

The 34-year-old broke the news to teammates today, announcing his last match will take place at Belmore Sports Ground this Saturday afternoon.

Fans had one last chance to bid their beloved ‘Prince of Belmore’ farewell this weekend when the local junior runs out for his last and final game of rugby league playing for the Bulldogs NSW Cup team against the North Sydney Bears.

Speaking on his career on The Bye Round, Josh Reynolds:

“I’ve always tried everywhere I’ve gone, it just hasn’t worked out the way I wanted it to.

“I’m glad I went over to the UK, I’m glad I got to see that. But I would have loved to have stayed (at the Bulldogs), whatever capacity that was,” Reynolds said.

“But at the same time, I’m able to eventually have a family and provide for them so is it a regret? A little one but in the end, in 10 years I’ll probably be like ‘whatever is meant to be, is meant to be’.”