“For anyone who doubts…” – Tony Smith makes big promise after seven defeats

Tony Smith’s Hull FC side have lost the last seven games and are currently 11th in the league with four points between them and bottom club Wakefield Trinity.

Asked after their latest defeat against Leeds Rhinos where they go from here, Smith had a simple answer:

“We have to go forward, we could role over and cry about it or you can get on with it and that’s what we will do and that is what professionals do when you are in a rut and have a lack of confidence or it is not going well.

“Either you give up, or you get up and start swinging. I’ll keep fighting and I will keep doing that.

“I am pretty sure they will too. It isn’t going well for us at the moment but if you can tell me at any point where you can see someone not trying, let me know.

“We are all trying really hard at the moment and it is not easy, it is not easy to be a really good Super League team because every week you are playing against a good team and if you are off it and they are running okay.

“These guys are running okay, they have had a few glitches but have been over turning teams all yous were predicting at the start of the year to win the comp and they have beating those teams.

“So we are a bit down on our luck against a side competing at the top end and next week we go against another team everyone is saying will win the comp because they have the best team on paper.

“Another tough game. What do we do? We roll our selves up.”

Asked if he thinks the job on his hands is bigger than he expected, he said:

“Doesn’t really matter, it is what he is and I am not being aggressive when I say that but it doesn’t matter how big I thought it was.”

He then went on to make a big promise about the future:

“It is a big job, it is a big club. It is going to be a big job, I am not sure how long it will take but we will be a big club again.

“I would like for it to be on its way already but maybe this is what we have to do to get it on its way and get on the right sort of direction but I know we will get there and I would like to see those steps in that direction in the next few weeks but sometimes it has to be the hard way and the way you don’t like but we are determined to get this club back to being one of the big clubs.

“For anyone who doubts, go into that dressing room, there is pain there. They are genuinely trying really hard. Everyone is just not pulling in the same direction.”

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John Rushbrooke
John Rushbrooke
1 month ago

A critical, in-depth analysis of what the problems are and how to find a way out of the situation – might have been what you were expecting, but no.
Self-evident comments about not going well and other teams playing better, and a promise to “keep fighting” and ‘roll our selves up’??
Is that like a hedgehog when it’s threatened?